Pakistani Hacks Chennai Customs Website


Port Wings News Network:

The official website of Chennai Customs Commissionerate, (  has been hacked by an anonymous person believed to be a Pakistani.

According to information available and published on a Pakistan-based portal, a Pakistani hacker named Faisal 1337 hacked and defaced the official website of Chennai Customs and displayed a warning “Hacked Pak Cyber Attackers”.  Besides, the hacker also put the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad” on the main page of the site, which is viewed by hundreds of people linked to exim trade from the region everyday.

Though the report claimed that the Customs Website was hacked on Sept 22, it is unclear when the site went down. Meanwhile, the website is still not accessible even on Sept 25.

It may be noted that in the month July, the same hacker hacked and defaced the official website of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Raipur, that was launched just a day before by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch the technological culture in India by the project of Digital India.

Though the hacker did not specify any specific reasons behind hacking the Chennai Customs website, the cyber attack has raised several questions on the security and use of such websites.


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