Sravan Shipping on expansion mode, plans 2 more CFSs in AP



Port Wings News Network:

Given the consistent growth in port-related business in the region, we are planning to develop two more container freight stations (CFSs) in Andhra Pradesh in next two years, Mr. G.Sambasiva Rao, Managing Director, Sravan Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, has said.

In an exclusive interview to Port Wings, Mr Sambasiva Rao said, “The business potential will double after the completion of second CFS near Gangavaram Port in the near future, a reality by the end of 2015. Krishnapatnam CFS is the third making inroads by the first half of 2017.”

“I am very optimistic about achieving this goal. With additional CFSs and Logistics space coming up, we will provide the much needed back up support infrastructure,” he added.


Sravan logo 1Q. Tell us about the Sravan Shipping Services?

G Sambasiva Rao: “As an entrepreneur, I have the satisfaction of having created an organization of 1200 people by setting up first Container Freight Station in private sector in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in 2004 having 10 lakh Sq. ft. covered warehouse( including customs bonded) space & 25 lakh sq. ft open storage space with business verticals of stevedoring, Custom House Agency, Shipping agency, Clearing & Forwarding, cargo handling & warehousing and Transportation with end-end logistics services based on a robust foundation of innovation, people, values, and customer-centricity.”

Q. Will you share your entrepreneurship journey like how it began?

GSR: “An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes and operates a new venture, and assumes accountability for the inherent risks associated with it. An entrepreneur is one who made significant progress in translating his insight into reality. I saw the big picture for end-end-logistics with having world class CFS first in the private sector in AP and warehousing facilities with ISO 9001-2008 Quality standards in and around East coast of India. It helped me to ring-fence the ripples of contemporary developments.”

Q. Tell us about the growth of Brand Sravan over the years?

GSR: “Buoyed by the initial success, I aggressively built SRAVAN brand and even now keep our customers sharply in focus. It helped me to open the right doors for Sravan Shipping Services Pvt Ltd. My ability to discern the direction of change and steering the ship well in time is keeping the company ahead of competition. After putting SSSPL on a steady growth course, now I am focusing on charting out the “next horizon” for the company. In that role, I am working on not only seeing the future but also in preparing SSSPL to thrive in that future. Tirelessly, I am moving on the vision for the organization with basic parameters like how to achieve on time performance and reliability that is springboard to success.”

Q. Share your experience in building the Brand Sravan?

GSR:  “Looking back today, I believe my sincere efforts contributed as much to my success as anything else. The journey so far for me has been full of thrilling moments and disappointing times, as is the case with any entrepreneurial venture. Only unbridled passion would help you to pass through the rigor and pains that are part and parcel of any start-up process. I strongly believe business excellence is all about creativity. Growth can be seen from the way the business looks with new thoughts and new segments are lined up for expansion.”

Q. How do you see the new government and its initiatives?

GSR: “India is a huge country but if everybody works in their respective districts and focuses on the development of that district, we will have balanced and well distributed growth. There is no stopping India from becoming one of the major forces in the world by 2020. Yet more needs to be done. We have to cut down a lot on licenses and bring the Single Window Policy to realization. We need to train more skilled manpower (not only engineers, graduates and post-graduates).”

Q. In your view, which sector could foster entrepreneurship skills in youth?

GSR: “I firmly believe that educational institutions can help foster entrepreneurship, which is why I want to  involve with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programmes in educational institutions  — a business Incubator where ideas from students and alumni can be commercialized. I am excited by the potential and drive in today’s generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and very optimistic about the future of entrepreneurship in India. Entrepreneurship is all about passion and a vision. You don’t require only money to build great businesses. You require looking beyond, seeing the future and just grabbing the opportunity and then having a lot of perseverance.”

Q. What is your message to the budding entrepreneurs?

GSR:  “This is a good time to be an entrepreneur in India. Today, we have successful role models, India is growing rapidly, economic liberalization is going on in full swing, and India enjoys a favorable positioning as a brand in the global markets. Government policy is increasingly becoming progressive and the business environment is more conducive, which is a very welcome development because India needs many more entrepreneurs across industries if it has to achieve and sustain the kind of growth we as a nation seek. There is no business in the world that is non-profitable but everybody has not been able to build profitable businesses. There are risks and so also rewards. Patience is important. Any business that makes money overnight will not have strong fundamentals.”


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