Cadets Jubilant over decentralisation; CDC can be obtained in Chennai & Kolkata also


Sequel to the enabling of online Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) to individual category applicants on Oct. 30, DG Shipping has now extended the same to the fresh pass outs of pre-sea Maritime Training Institutes (MTIs), stated a notification from DG Shipping on Dec.4.


Some 138 MTIs in the country are set to heave a collective sigh of relief welcoming two decisive steps taken in CDC reforms. One of them being the decision of DGS to adopt ‘e-passport seva’ like online application system for the institutional category applicants and the other being the decentralization of CDC jurisdiction allowing cadets to exercise their choice of region either Chennai, Mumbai or Kokata to deal with CDC related issues in future.


Earlier there was a long-pending plea by MTIs to streamline the system of Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) by adopting online system akin to e-passport seva where an applicant can apply online and is spared the hassle of physically frequenting the passport office till the passport is issued. Passport offices before the launch of online e-seva system used to be crowded by applicants for various purposes like submission, renewal and enquiry.


The e-seva system when introduced reduced crowding and queuing up at the offices as much of information is made available online and the personal visit is highly streamlined.


Cadets passed out of MTIs too faced the same brick-and-mortar passport office ordeal like queuing up and crowding in availing CDCs. Taking inspiration from the streamlining and de-bottlenecking the delivery system of passport by online e-seva e-governance adoption, MTIs pitched for phasing out of the hitherto brick-and-mortar CDC issuing mechanism where bulk applications of passing out students from MTIs are sent to Shipping Master Office, Mumbai, and they are required to approach the office for any other services like enquiry or renewal.


Leaving a lot to be desired at times, there were inordinate delays in issuing CDCs driving such anxious students from all over the country to make a trip to Shipping Master Office in Mumbai to enquire about their CDC status. Students coming down to Mumbai take temporary accommodation and frequent Shipping Master Office till they get their job done. Job-seeking cadets were forced to cough up sundry expenditure for CDC related stay.


To alleviate the plight of cadets thronging the Shipping Master Office in Mumbai, a section of MTIs mooted the idea of emulating the e-passport model in delivering CDCs where students’ hardships like long winding queues and repeat visits are greatly mitigated.


Responding to the plea of MTIs, on Oct. 30 DGS first introduced the online CDC system in individual category and later on Dec. 4 extended the same to the institutional category of CDCs.


 New method of application & processing


MTIs, which conduct the said pre-sea long-term and short-term training courses, shall be responsible for the submission of CDC application forms for their respective trainees/ candidates enrolled in these courses as per the approval of DGS.


MTIs shall at the first instance obtain the choice of the trainees for the Shipping Office in which the trainees would like their CDC applications to be submitted. The trainees shall be apprised by the MTIs that the choice once taken shall be the Shipping Office they will be corresponding with, in future, during their entire seafaring career for any CDC related issues.


MTIs shall thereafter submit applications for CDCs for their respective trainees /candidates online as well as in hardcopy in the new Form-1 prescribed to the Shipping Master in Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai according to the trainees’ choice for processing the CDC. The format of the applications, instructions for filing such applications and user manual for the filing of the applications shall be uploaded subsequently on finalization of the new e-module.


Such applications for CDCs for their respective training candidates, online as well as in hardcopy, shall be forwarded three clear months prior to the completion of the respective courses to the concerned Government Shipping Office.


Shipping Master Office in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata on receipt of applications shall process them and issue and dispatch the CDCs in respect of all the enrolled trainees, to the institutions concerned before the completion of the course. MTIs concerned shall hand over the CDCs to the trainees on completion of the course before the trainees leave the campus.


The MTIs shall forward the result of each of their candidates for successful completion of the given course from the concerned university/ institution as the case may be, declaration thereof. The MTIs shall also explore the possibility of uploading the results of such passed candidates of their institutions with details of batch number, roll number of examination, reference of the university results, etc. on their website.


Shipping Master Offices on receipt of the results from the concerned MTIs may update the pass out details, i.e. the pass out certificate and date of the concerned trainee in the online CDC scanned details already uploaded in the e-governance system along with the CDC checker. There will be no requirement for the endorsement in this regard in CDC booklet concerned. CDC of the concerned seafarer shall become operational only after the said pass out details are uploaded as stated above.


Embedded pre-sea course offering MTIs

Long-term pre-sea courses have an embedded sea-time or structured on board ship training in between the maritime training courses concerned as under Alternative Training Scheme (ATS), Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering)/ Technical/ BS(Engineering) and BS (NT) offered by the BITS, Pilani, and Jadhavpur University and GME-1 year of the Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GESCO).


MTIs, which conduct the said embedded pre-sea long-term training courses mentioned above, shall now submit applications for the issue of CDCs for their respective training candidates, online as well as offline (hard copy) in the new Form-I prescribed by this order to the Shipping Master, Government Shipping Offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai following all procedures mentioned above for processing such CDCs.

Such application forms shall be forwarded three clear months prior to the deputation of the trainees for their sea training at the beginning of the semester 6 or 7 as the case may be for the BE (Marine Engineering)/ BS (Engineering) and BS (NT) offered by the Jadhavpur University and BITS, Pilani, and after completion of 9 months for the said ATS course, and 5 months for the GME course conducted by the GEIMS.


Shipping Master, GSO, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata shall expeditiously process such applications and issue and dispatch such CDCs to the respective MTIs to enable them to depute their trainees to sea as an embedded part of the curriculum of their courses. Shipping Master Offices also forward, promptly on a monthly mode, a list of such CDCs issued, institute and course wise, to the training branch of the office for due monitoring.


Link for old story: Will CDC go the Passport way to reduce inordinate delay?


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