New salary scale for port & dock workers



Bringing a happy end to the marathon wage negotiations between the Bipartite Wage Negotiation Committee (BWNC) comprising five major Federations of Port and Dock Workers’ Federation and the Indian Ports Association since July last year, both the parties on Oct. 25 signed the new wage settlement that would heave a sigh of relief for 50, 000-odd port and dock workers working in 12 Major Ports.

The deal was signed in New Delhi by the stakeholders (representatives of five federations affiliated to INTUC, HMS, CITU and AITUC) in the presence of Mr. B. K. Sanwariya, Chief Labour Commissioner (Central).

According to Shipping Ministry sources, the five-year wage settlement (from 1-1-2012 to 31-12-2016) would come into force with immediate effect.


The agreement will be implemented immediately and the arrears (from 1-1-2012 to till date) will be paid within two months from the date of settlement (Oct 25, 2013).

It may be noted here that the last meeting (10th meeting of the Bipartite Wage Negotiation Committee for all India port and dock workers, held in Madurai on July 2 and 3, failed as the Port Trust management offered only 9 % whereas the federations stuck to their demand of 20 %.

From the first meeting of the Bipartite Wage Negotiating Committee that was held at Vijay-Deep (Administrative Offices of the Mumbai Port Trust) on July 23 last year, there were several ups and downs in the negotiations and on a few occasions, there were even open warnings to the port managements to face the strike call.

However, the regular meetings between these stakeholders actually created conducive environment of late and it has finally helped them seal a decent accord with a win-win situation for both the parties on Oct. 25.


Explaining further about the deal to Sagar Sandesh, Mr.  R. Santhanam, General Secretary, Port & Dock Labour Union, one of the recognized trade unions in Chennai Port, said: “The period of agreement will be from 1-1-2012 to 31-12-2016. We hope that the port management would hand over the arrears to all the employees within the stipulated two months period.”


Since the new wage accord is going to benefit nearly 50, 000 port and dock workers, all the Major Ports are likely to shell out about Rs. 400 crores per annum.


Besides, another important issue of consolidation of pension for the existing 1.25 lakh port and dock pensioners has been referred to a sub-committee.


Basic pay will be fixed as follows


–Existing basic pay as on 31-12-2011 + 57.14 % (variable dearness allowance) VDA x 10.5 fitment (Basic Pay as on 31-12-2011 x 1.7364 will be same).

–Increment 3 %. HRA 15%, 20%, 30% as earlier slab. Port allowance 10 % more than the existing.

–Transport reimbursement Rs. 525 + DA .

–Children’s education allowance Rs.15, 000 per child not exceeding two children.

–Washing allowance Rs.155 and Rs. 200 as per the slab.

– Special washing allowance to fire and hospital section will be locally settled.

–Design allowance as Rs. 500

– In the case of option and MACP fixation benefit will be Rs. 230, Rs. 345 and Rs. 460 to the beneficiaries according to the new scale 1 to 4, 5 to 7 and 8 to 10 respectively. Family planning allowance 3%.

– Child care leave for ladies will be two year.


Scale of Pay as follows :


Existing                                Revised


7,800  –  15,800                 13,500  –  27400


8,100  –  18,200                 14,100  –  31,600


8,300  –  18,600                 14,400  –  32,300


8,600  –  19,900                 14,900  –  34,600


9,000  –  21,200                 15,600  –  36,800


9,400  –  22,000                 16,300  –  38,200


10,200  –  25,700                 17,700  –  44,600


11,000  –  29,400                 19,100  –  51,100


12,100  –  30,800                 21,100  –  53,500


13,600  –  32,400                 23,600  –  56,300


Arrears will be given on or before 31-12-2013.


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