Sakthivel re-elected TEA President



Dr. A. Sakthivel, regarded as the man behind bringing Tirupur regions on the world EXIM map, was re-elected as President of Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) at the elections held on the sidelines of the Annual General Meeting of the TEA on Aug 31.


Tirupur Exporters Association – popularly known as TEA – was established in the year 1990. This is an Association exclusively for exporters of cotton knitwear which has production facilities in Tirupur. From a modest beginning TEA has grown into a strong body of knitwear exporters. Today, TEA has a membership of over 890 life members and 155 associate members.


In the keenly contested polls, Dr. Sakthivel defeated Mr. Raja Shanmugam, an apparel exporter and Chairman of NIFT-TEA Knitwear Institute, by a margin of 32 votes. The winner got 418 out of the total 805 votes polled.


With the new mandate, Dr. Sakthivel continues to be the President of TEA since the Association was formed in 1990.


While Mr. G. Karhikeyan was re-elected as General Secretary, Mr. E. Palanisamy and Mr. Chandran were elected Vice-Presidents. Likewise, Mr. P. Gopalakrishnan and Mr. Rajkumar became the Joint Secretaries and Mr. P. Moghan was elected as Treasurer.


The members of the association, from the beginning, have resolved to develop their organization focusing on main areas including multilateral growth of knitwear industry and exports, development of infrastructural needs for Tirupur, implementation of schemes for the benefit of the society and public and promotion of constructive co-operation with workers with fair division of rewards.


Dr. Sakthivel, a renowned and well-known Textile Tycoon of South India, was born in a simple, agricultural-oriented family on Nov. 12, 1947 in Tamil Nadu, India.


After securing a Diploma in Automobile Engineering, he began his career with a short term service in TELCO. Realizing the inborn urge in him that he is born to become an entrepreneur, he tuned himself to be a successful employer, rather than being an employee. His flair for business and keen interest in innovation and novelty helped him build up a diversified industrial group in Tirupur, known for its hosiery industry.


Known as one of the leading apparel exporters in South India, Dr. Sakthivel is credited as one of the main architects of Tirupur’s knitwear and garment industry. His relentless efforts and vision for Tirupur transformed this small town into a global apparel-making hub.


He remained to be the prime mover of many visionary projects in Tirupur, such as Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex (TEKIC), Netaji Apparel Park (NPA),  NIFT – TEA Fashion Knitwear Institute. Today, the town of Tirupur, which has exceeded the Rs. 11,000-crore-mark of knitwear and garments exports, has been the result of Dr. Sakthivel‘s vision.


Under the aegis of AEPC and initiatives of Dr. Sakthivel, Knitwear Technology Mission has been set up in Tirupur. The objective of the Mission is to help the knitwear exporters to produce synthetic-based garments, mainly Sport wear, Swim wear etc. since synthetic garments have a global market throughout the year.


Knitwear Technology Mission is playing a major role for introducing latest technology and also offer design consultancy which will help the exporters to venture into manufacturing of synthetic garments.


Dr.  Sakthivel is the Founder-Promoter of internationally reputed knitwear brand ‘POPPYS’. He has been honoured with the ‘Padmashri’ Award for his significant contribution in the textile industry. He was also awarded the doctorate degree from Bharthiyar University, Coimbatore, for his pivotal role in motivating many enterprising and capable youngsters to make a career in export, his dedicated involvement in visionary projects and initatives and his immeasurable contribution to the growth of industry and to the development of the society.


In 1990, when TEA was formed, Dr. Sakthivel had a vision for the knitwear industry – a billion $ exports in 1995, and achieved it by pursuing the goal with a missionary zeal, taking every day in his fold.


He was the first South Indian to become the member in Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) in 1984 and become the Chairman of AEPC in 1998 and for the second time in 2004. He has been elected as President of Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), New Delhi, for the period 2009-2011.


Tirupur exports, from a meagre Rs. 10 crores in 1985 to Rs. 5, 000 crores in 2003 and Rs.11, 000 crores in 2006-07, is a performance that has no parallel anywhere in the world.


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